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Horn Antennas: Designed for RF Pollution

Antenas Horn: Diseñadas para la contaminación RF

High-speed internet has evolved to become a necessary commodity for modern life. The perpetual growth of wireless technology is being driven by the virtually endless demand for more and more bandwidth everywhere.

Band-free wireless technology is capable of delivering fiber speeds at a fraction of the deployment time and cost of a fiber connection. It seems like a perfect combination. But there is a major problem with spectrum availability: RF pollution.

The problem of radio frequency pollution is caused by a nearly infinite amount of radio frequency noise created by today's poorly designed and deployed equipment. Noise is usually the result of RF signals traveling too far, in undesired directions, or with incorrect signal timing. This enormous amount of noise is a consequence of millions of radios installed over the last decade without any respect for sustainability.

The party is still wild and even today; The entire industry behaves very irresponsibly. WISPs are still deploying outdated and poorly designed equipment in unsustainable ways, creating wireless networks that will never function as they should. Without a solution to the problem of massive radio frequency contamination, the wireless renaissance will never occur on the scale expected.

Antenas Horn: Diseñadas para la contaminación RF

Horn Antennas: Designed for RF Pollution, RF element technology delivers fast, hugely scalable wireless while addressing the issue of RF pollution, proper spectrum use, and sustainable growth. The unique approach makes RF element technology excellent for rejecting noise, eliminating RF system loss, and achieving massive scalability of wireless networks.

Noise Rejection – Rather than dealing with excessive amounts of noise using complex and expensive methods such as active filtering or GPS synchronization, RF Elements antennas focus on the fundamentals of proper signal propagation. The revolutionary antennas are based on Horn antenna technology. They have become the market leader in performance, cost and spectrum efficiency. The noise rejection features are unique and define a new class of wireless performance in a highly competitive market.

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