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Security and prevention against ransomware

Seguridad y prevención contra el Ransomware


Avoid data loss and ransomware rescue payment with NAKIVO Backup & Replication. NAKIVO is a comprehensive data protection solution that enables recovery after a ransomware attack. Obtain security and prevention on your VMs (Virtual machines) with NAKIVO.

Unfortunately, one antivirus software is not all you need to defend your data against malicious attacks. To minimize the impact of ransomware attacks, recover data and ensure business continuity, you need a reliable data protection solution.

NAKIVO Ransomware Security and Prevention offers a host of recovery features for any data loss scenario: granular file and application object recovery, Flash VM Boot, P2V recovery, and site recovery.

If you need to enforce the security of your data, you can take advantage of NAKIVO Backup & Replication software to backup your workloads directly to Amazon S3 and enable S3 object locking to make your backups immutable.

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