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Conectividad inquebrantable en cualquier lugar y en todo momento | Peplink | Tienda TIC

Unbreakable connectivity is
anywhere at any time

SpeedFusion Technology

Deployment and solutions

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  • Unbreakable Connectivity

  • Suitable routers for any company

  • Innovative and unique technologies
    such as intouch and speedfusion

  • Robust routed devices
    for fixed or mobile connectivity


  • Increasing capabilities for industrial and mobility solutions

  • LORA and Starlink alliance

BR Series
Cellular routers

Sturdy cellular routers that deliver excellent value. Use these as your primary or backup routers, providing seamless VPN failover.

Starlink in alliance with Peplink
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Leave us your information and one of our Peplink specialist will contact you as soon as possible 

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