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Our team specializes in creating completely personalized software solutions that align with diverse business requirements, ultimately facilitating enhanced efficiency and safeguarding vital information.


NAKIVO allows to minimize the impact of ransomware incidents in business continuity and ensure that data is recoverable without paying a ransom. To maximize data protection, backups can be made immutable by sending them to a public cloud or local Linux repository to protect them from ransomware for as long as needed.

Nakivo | Tienda Tic | NAKIVO permite minimizar el impacto de los incidentes de ransomware en la continuidad empresarial y garantizar que los datos sean recuperables sin pagar un rescate. Para maximizar la protección de datos, los respaldos se pueden hacer inmutables enviándolos a una nube pública o un repositorio Linux local para protegerlos del ransomware el tiempo que sea necesario.
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