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Únete a la nueva alternativa de radio enlaces para WISP en Latinoamérica | LigoWave | Tienda TIC

Join us to the newest WISP alternative of radio links

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Deployment and solutions

LigoDLB 6 - 90ac |  LigoWave | Tienda TIC
LigoDLB 6 - 90ac |  LigoWave | Tienda TIC
LigoDLB 6 - 90ac

LigoDLB 6 - 90ac: 6 GHz base station with integrated 18 dBi dual polarization sector antenna. Its small size means smaller packaging and reducing transportation costs.

Available stock in the region
LigoDLB 6 - 20ac

LigoDLB 6 - 20ac: 6 GHz Outdoor Wireless Device State-of-the-art RF design with an integrated 20 dBi antenna delivers excellent output power, improves range and enables high-capacity transmission at 256 QAM.

Available stock in the region
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LigoDLB ECHO 5D | Tienda TIC | LigoWave

LigoDLB ECHO 5D: LigoWave's DLB ECHO 5 equipment was designed to be an economically attractive equipment for long links (up to 50 km). It has a unique mounting system designed to be used with any standard satellite antenna.

Available stock in the region
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LigoWave | Ligo PTP | Tienda TIC
RapidFire 5-N

LigoPTP RapidFire 5-N: An exceptionally performing 5 GHz point-to-point system delivering over 700 Mbps throughput. The simple and friendly user interface makes RapidFire an ideal device for high-capacity links and demanding performance

Available stock in the region
LigoWave | Tienda TIC

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